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I’ve created a new blog. Go check it out. www.meggiessite.blogspot.com

I know that I’m a little late on this right now but thought late was better than never.
Weekend Breakfast:
Pancakes, waffles or muffins
Weekend Lunch:
Sandwiches, quesadillas, pizza or leftovers
Monday: Nachos
Tuesday: Beef Fajitas
Wednesday: “Green Stuff” or the proper name Ghormeh Sabzi
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Chilaquiles
Saturday: Pot Pie
Sunday: Mock Gold Rush Chicken
I’m going to attempt to post the recipes for this meal plan during the week as I make them. In the event, but more likely when, things change, I’ll let you know what’s getting the boot from my menu. If you see a recipe that you’re absolutely dying for and it doesn’t get posted, just shoot me and e-mail or leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.
For more Menu Plans, check out orgjunkie.com!

I decided to keep a journal of this pregnancy. I only remember bits and parts of my first pregnancy and figured that it would be good to keep track weekly here. I’ll also post pictures of tummy every week.

This is my second pregnancy and so far I would have to say that it’s pretty similar to my first pregnancy.  Same amount of weight loss in the first trimester, yes that’s right I said weight loss, I’m down 12 pounds from when I got pregnant.  I do think that this time around though that I was much more nauseated then with my son but I’m not positive. I remember feeling sick but not that sick, but then again who wants to remember feeling like that. My allergies are bothering my horribly where as with my other pregnancy I didn’t have any at all. Cravings are a little different too. With my son all I wanted was fast food, which I do still want with this baby too, but I love fruits and vegetables!  This is a good craving to have considering the doctor told me to only gain about 20 pounds. I’m still carrying around a little extra weight from my first pregnancy but I’ve lost 12 pounds so does that mean that I can now gain 32 pounds? I hope I don’t anyway I’m trying to keep it at 20lbs. I also feel more tired this time around but I’m pretty sure that has to do with the fact that I am running around after my son. It’s much harder to rest and relax when you have a 1 ½ year old at home.  In a few weeks we get to find out what this baby is gonna be. We’re both hoping for a boy again. I think that another boy would be a great playmate for my son seeing that they will only be 2 years apart. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s a girl though and that makes me hope it’s a boy even more so that I can prove them wrong.

Lastly, I was such a weirdo when I was pregnant with my son that I was afraid that anything would hurt my baby. I didn’t drink any caffeine, didn’t take any Tylenol and was about a cautious as you could get. With this baby I’m not afraid that if I drink coke or coffee, take some Tylenol or anything else (obviously only things proven safe during pregnancy) that it will harm my baby. I guess maybe it’s just because it’s the second pregnancy. I feel a little more like I know what I’m doing.

January meal plan

This morning while I was clicking around at 5dollardinner mom’s website I found out about a freezer/pantry challenge for this month. I have to join this to jump start my New Years resolution! It time to take inventory of the freezer and pantry then I’ll update this post. Hop on over to her website if you want to join!

Update: There’s so much in my freezers and pantry that it’s just to overwhelming to take inventory! Now that’s sad. However, now do to financial constraints, my freezer/pantry challenge will continue through March. I know I have plenty of food in there to do it  although I will defiantly have to get creative to come up with some  of the meals. Wish me luck and I’ll be posting the things that I come up with.

New Years resolutions

Does anyone not make New Years resolutions? Or better yet, does anyone actually stick to their New Years resolutions? I personally think they’re kinda silly. I mean why wait until the new year to make a change. But with that being said I do make New Years resolutions and this year I have quite a few resolutions and goals that I want to achieve. As a reminder and a way to keep track of them I’m going to create a list of them here, I’m sorta a type A personality, and hopefully check them off as I complete them. So here goes….

1)Eat a home. This one seems to be a constant on my lists.
2)Fix credit issues. I made some bad decisions a while back and need to fix them now.
3)Be more cleanly. This was sorta a gift to my hubby for Christmas but with another baby on the way I assume that this will become more of a necessity.
4)Create a better budget and stick to it unless absolute necessity comes up.

I’m sure I could keep adding things to this list but I’ll keep it at that for now. What’s your biggest resolution this year? Happy 2010 everyone!

With the first trimester safely behind me now, I’m finally starting to feel much better. With the exception of the horrible motion sickness I still get. Anyways, I plan to start posting again. This time around I have a new outlook on this blog. I must admit when I first started this blog I had huge hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people reading my posts daily, like Mckmama’s blog or 5dollardinners (two of the best blogs in my opinion). Once that didn’t happen, which should have been expected, I was disappointed and discouraged. Now I understand that it’s almost impossible for that to happen or at least it’s very unlikely. So now I’ve decided to use this blog as a way to document my personal experiences in life. I think it will be neat to look back on and reflect and for my kids to look at one day. I hope those few readers that I am so lucky to get will still enjoy my posts. Glad to be back with a new outlook!

Missing in Action

Alright, so I know that for some time now I have been MIA. I have a very good reason why though. About 2 weeks ago I found out that my little booboo isn’t going to be my little booboo anymore. He’s going be my big booboo and he’ll also be a big brother! Yes, that’s right, I’m pregnant. The doctor thinks I’m about 6 weeks along, I thought I was about a week further but the doctor knows best. This came as quite a shock to us, we were trying nor planning to have another baby yet but God works in mysterious ways sometimes. After the initial shock, we are very delighted to be welcoming another addition into our house.

Now, for anyone who’s ever been pregnant, you know the first 12 weeks are not so good. The thought of food or even opening the fridge to get my son some milk makes me sick. In fact, the only thing that doesn’t make me sick is fast food. This all seems so familiar. I was the exact same way with my son, the only difference this time is that I now have a little one to take care of so I don’t get to just lay around and sleep.

So for the next few weeks I’ll not be posting too much. I’ll do my best though to at least post some non-food related posts. Plus, I would love it if anyone had any tips on how to get rid of morning sickness?? Please leave me a comment if you do.

Bye bye cornsHello space for Fall crops. My old bed after the corns were removed.

Or umm, maybe it’s time to trim some things back. Do you do that in gardening? Anyway, these corns turned out  a little strange Freak of nature mini corn. I’m not too sure if they were on the stocks to long or not long enough. More picture of the weird mini corns Is it just because it was planted to late or didn’t have enough soil to grow in. I planted them just like Mel told me too. Well he didn’t actually tell me, his book did. But now I found out that out here in So Cal, we need at least 8 inches of soil because of the heat. I suppose that makes sense. Now that the corn is gone, I guess that leaves me with 33 more squares to tell you about.


Not a bad shopping trip considering I only spent $70.82 total. Also I forgot to include a picture of the 2 packages of bacon I bought. Had I not used coupons and bought items that were on sale I would have spent at least $94.29. I have to say at least do to the fact that Walmart does not tally up at the end of the receipt to show you how much you saved. I am really starting to dislike Walmart. I never seem to save as much there as I do when I shop at the regular grocery stores. Our brand new Winco is opening up Monday!!! I’m so thrilled. Can’t wait to see if it’s really a great as I heard.
The reason I only spent half of what I normally do is because do to some recent events, we have made some budget cuts. The grocery budget is one of the easiest expense to cut and so it was one of the first to be cut. So my new budget for this month is $75.00 a week, total. That includes all food, HBA, and diapers. I think it is still pretty comfortable, so I’ll be shooting for $60.00 but this way I have a little extra just in case.
mpmpencilI plan on taking it easy this week. Here’s what the plan is.
Weekend Breakfast:
Pancakes and waffles    
Weekend Lunch:
Sandwiches, quesadillas or leftovers
Saturday:  Giant Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Sunday: Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Monday: Meat Loaf
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Leftovers
I’m going to attempt to post the recipes for this meal plan during the week as I make them. In the event, but more likely when, things change, I’ll let you know what’s getting the boot from my menu. If you see a recipe that you’re absolutely dying for and it doesn’t get posted, just shoot me and e-mail or leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.
For more Menu Plans, check out orgjunkie.com!