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New Years resolutions

Does anyone not make New Years resolutions? Or better yet, does anyone actually stick to their New Years resolutions? I personally think they’re kinda silly. I mean why wait until the new year to make a change. But with that being said I do make New Years resolutions and this year I have quite a few resolutions and goals that I want to achieve. As a reminder and a way to keep track of them I’m going to create a list of them here, I’m sorta a type A personality, and hopefully check them off as I complete them. So here goes….

1)Eat a home. This one seems to be a constant on my lists.
2)Fix credit issues. I made some bad decisions a while back and need to fix them now.
3)Be more cleanly. This was sorta a gift to my hubby for Christmas but with another baby on the way I assume that this will become more of a necessity.
4)Create a better budget and stick to it unless absolute necessity comes up.

I’m sure I could keep adding things to this list but I’ll keep it at that for now. What’s your biggest resolution this year? Happy 2010 everyone!


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With the first trimester safely behind me now, I’m finally starting to feel much better. With the exception of the horrible motion sickness I still get. Anyways, I plan to start posting again. This time around I have a new outlook on this blog. I must admit when I first started this blog I had huge hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people reading my posts daily, like Mckmama’s blog or 5dollardinners (two of the best blogs in my opinion). Once that didn’t happen, which should have been expected, I was disappointed and discouraged. Now I understand that it’s almost impossible for that to happen or at least it’s very unlikely. So now I’ve decided to use this blog as a way to document my personal experiences in life. I think it will be neat to look back on and reflect and for my kids to look at one day. I hope those few readers that I am so lucky to get will still enjoy my posts. Glad to be back with a new outlook!

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