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Hello world!

I wanted my first post to give readers a little background info on me and why I’m starting this blog. First off, my name is Megan, I’m 24, married for 3 years and have a wonderful baby boy who is 13months. All my life I have had a hard time making up my mind on what it is I wanted to do with my life and I’ve finally came to a conclusion, to be a stay at home Mom or some would a say house wife. It was a big relief once I had finally made up my mind and announced it to my husband. There is only one problem. Right now I am a huge supporter in my families’ financial stability. My job provides the core and backbone of our income. Now, don’t get me wrong, my husband does work and he defiantly works very hard but he’s in construction and as everyone knows construction is not doing so well these days. None the less, he is on board with my wishes and I know he wants nothing more than to be able to make my dreams come true. Right now we are looking at a projected date of hopefully 2 years from now me being able to stay home. There are a lot of things in the mean time that need to be taken care of before that can happen and the big one would have to be changing our lifestyle. We need to penny pinch and save. This is the beginning of my journey. I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy hard ride. So here we go……


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