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With the first trimester safely behind me now, I’m finally starting to feel much better. With the exception of the horrible motion sickness I still get. Anyways, I plan to start posting again. This time around I have a new outlook on this blog. I must admit when I first started this blog I had huge hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people reading my posts daily, like Mckmama’s blog or 5dollardinners (two of the best blogs in my opinion). Once that didn’t happen, which should have been expected, I was disappointed and discouraged. Now I understand that it’s almost impossible for that to happen or at least it’s very unlikely. So now I’ve decided to use this blog as a way to document my personal experiences in life. I think it will be neat to look back on and reflect and for my kids to look at one day. I hope those few readers that I am so lucky to get will still enjoy my posts. Glad to be back with a new outlook!


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Don’t Tell Daddy…




Let me…….

Chew on his……..

Brand new sun glasses.

How cute did the pictures turn out though?? Sorry honey. He didn’t leave any teeth marks, I promise.

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My BooBoo, eating unripened datesThis weekend we attended brunch and swimming at my father in laws. 

MY hubby, catching the football

We had a blast as you can tell from the photos. 

 Shot of the pool

Fighting for the ball

We left late morning on Sunday and didn’t return until that evening leaving me no time to do anything of what I had planned. Now, this week is the last week of me working 9 hour days. My work schedule will be moving from a 9 hour working day to a 10 hour day. Including my lunch and commute, I’ll be gone from about 5:40am to 6:00pm, just a little over 12 hours a day. The good side to this is that I’ll now have every Friday off instead of every other Friday off. My Hubby, is at home today so it’s not too big of a deal that I didn’t get through all of my tasks. He’ll take over and finish the remaining things that absolutely need to be done.  This truly bugs me though, not being able to cross things off my list that is. But it brought me to realize that I’m not going to be able to do that starting next weekend. I need to have Sunday as my day to complete the things I still have left to do as I will have no time during the week to complete those tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I am completely ecstatic about having every Friday off though. Look at what I get to wake up to on Friday mornings now.   Booboo Couldn’t you just eat him up for breakfast?? I know that I could.

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Never Again

Never again will I leave my child unattended in the garage for even one second. When I turned around this is where I found him.


Can you guess where he’s at??


That’s right, he was in the dryer! He cracks me up.

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Count Your Blessings

I don’t think that people take enough time to count their blessings. I know that I don’t for sure. I’ve been so caught up on this whole “I wish I could just stay at home full time” thing that I’ve forgotten to be thankful for what God has given me in my life. I have a wonderful Husband who loves me and my many imperfections. I have a beautiful baby boy who has yet to exhibit anything but normal healthy development. That in it’s self is a HUGH miracle. I have a job which provides me with a stable income so we can live comfortably, without stress if I plan correctly, in a time when jobs are scarce. I have a loving family who are all in good health. Many people desire to have one or more of the things that I just listed and get caught up in the fact that they don’t have that. We should focus more on the things that we do have and are blessed to have. Just look at the 2 biggest blessings im my life. Who wouldn’t be thankful for them.


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A Little Visual

I wanted you all to see why I want to be a SAHM ssssooooo bad.

Who wouldn’t want to spend all day with him.

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