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My Addiction

I have an addiction. And it’s not a good or frugal one either. The first step to healing is admitting right? Well, here’s my confession. I love to shop! Now a lot of people probably have the same addition. However, mine is different. I have an addiction to grocery shopping. Sound crazy? Here’s a little look at how bad my addition has gotten. The following are picture from my fridge and pantry inside our house as well as our freezer outside in our garage.

This is a picture of the many different types of cereal that we have on top of our fridge, do to lack of space in the cupboards

The fridge inside our house, stuffed to the max

The pantry, again every space available has something crammed into it.

Our stand up freezer in the garage. I guess the fact that it’s packed so full helps reduce the amount of energy that it consumes right? Still, there is no way to justify how I came to get so much food in my house. This doesn’t even include the amount of food that gets thrown out every week come trash day. So this is my first step in saving money. Make a meal plan using mostly ingredients that I have on hand, cook dinner with extras to freeze for nights that I don’t feel like cooking, eat at home because believe it our not, even with all this food at home we still eat out a lot because there’s nothing to eat, and only buy exactly the things and amounts that I need. I plan on posting my meal plans and shopping trips here every week.


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