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Bye bye cornsHello space for Fall crops. My old bed after the corns were removed.

Or umm, maybe it’s time to trim some things back. Do you do that in gardening? Anyway, these corns turned out  a little strange Freak of nature mini corn. I’m not too sure if they were on the stocks to long or not long enough. More picture of the weird mini corns Is it just because it was planted to late or didn’t have enough soil to grow in. I planted them just like Mel told me too. Well he didn’t actually tell me, his book did. But now I found out that out here in So Cal, we need at least 8 inches of soil because of the heat. I suppose that makes sense. Now that the corn is gone, I guess that leaves me with 33 more squares to tell you about.


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SFG Update 3, Square 3

Cucumbers!Baby Cucumber Plants.

As you can see these guys were the first to go into the ground. Now look at them.

 Cucumbers 20 days later. This picture is only 20 days later. I planted Burpee Tasty Green Hybrid. So far they are doing quite well. I had pretty good luck for a while with the last ones that I planted in July, but then they died. I’m hoping these ones will do okay in the Fall. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Only 30 more squares to go.

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Square Foot Garden Update 2

It’s Fall! I have big plans for fall too. Just take a look at my new addition to the garden.

.My new 4x8 box! 

This is my new 4×8 box complete with a high rise and built in trellis. I’m so excited to plant some fall vegetables. I plan on growing everything from a seed this year.  That picture was taken about a month ago. The next picture is of the hubs, putting up my new canopy to keep out the hot sun. It’s still pretty warm around here this time of year.

My new canopy

Do you see my Little Booboo trying to help his dad? The next picture is of the first crop that is taking off in my new box.Green Beans!!

Green Beans! Yeah, look how good they are doing. I planted Burpee Stringless Green Pod beans. I started them from a seed, in a peat box a few weeks earlier.  They sprouted in about to days. I was using the peat box before I desided to just plant directly into the soil outside.Peat BoxHere’s a picture of the peat box. If you look closely you can see the cups in the background that I planted the seedlings into once they go to big to be in the box.

Well, thats all for right now. I plan on posting one square at a time to keep you in suspense. Isn’t anticipation fun? Check back soon for another square foot of my fall garden. Only 31 more to go.

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Square Foot Garden Update 1

An overview of my first gardenI’ve learned so much this year! The garden from the other sideMy garden didn’t turn out too great this year, although I think it did alright seeing as this is my first time gardening, but I think I have figured out why.


Next season is going to be SO different.




Dead Cucumbers


I did have a few tragedies.Dead greenbeans

My cucumbers have died along with the beans I tried to plant now for like 3 times.




 New tomatoes on my Early Girl

My tomatoes are doing alright, I was thinking once the few tomatoes that are on it ripen I’ll rip them up but then today I saw a few new tomatoes. So I think I’ll wait until it stops producing.







Melon!My one melon is doing great. I thought it was a cantaloupe but I’m wondering if I just didn’t get it confused with one of the other melons. I’ll just have to wait and see.









My corn has produced a lot of ears but I’m not sure how big they will get. I’m not sure of when to pick them either.








Bell PeppersMy bell peppers are getting a little bigger. I’m starting to think that maybe they are going to stay this size.








Once this box runs it coarse for the season I’m going to have my Hubby build me a new one to replace this. I want it to be a little taller and it needs to have a plywood bottom. In fact I want it just like the new addition he built me. I’ll post about that soon! so stay tuned and happy gardening!  

BooBoo helping water


P.S. I just had to throw in a picture of my little BooBoo helping me water. He’s the best gardening helper a mommy could ever ask for! And yes, he is still in his PJ’s, we water early in the morning before it gets too hot.

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Square Foot Gardening

My First Garden I wanted to blog about my most resent adventure, gardening. I have always wanted to have a garden all of my life but just haven’t had the opportunity. Well, I ordered me a copy of the all new square foot garden and I LOVE it!!! It’s super simple and works very well. I do believe that the pictures below speak for themselves. This is a picture from when I planted everything.

I think I got a little bit of a late start. Next year I will plan ahead further. Some things were planted from plants and others were from seeds started in a Jiffy box. This is just 2 weeks later!

Hard to believe right? The only fatality that we had was one of the tomato plants. I’m not sure what was wrong with it. The funny thing is, when I was out watering tonight I didn’t think it had changed very much. Then I saw the picture that I took 2 weeks ago and I was shocked! I also found this little guy while I was poking around. Can you see him?

It’s almost like playing Where’s Waldo.

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