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Sloppy Joes

Sloppy JoesI love Sloppy Joes and I have a 3lb tube of ground beef in the freezer and I know that the leftovers will freeze nicely, making it a great quick go to dinner or lunch. I make mine a little different then just opening up a can of sloppy joe mix and browning the meat. IngredientsIngredients part 2Okay, now I know I said that I don’t use the canned stuff but I did have a can on head and I’m trying to clean out our cupboards.

3lbs ground beef $3.98

1 onion, chopped $0.50

1 bell pepper, chopped $0.50

2 cans soy beans $1.40

1 large can diced tomatoes $1.18

1 small can tomato paste (not pictured) $0.97

1 can sloppy joe mix $0.99

Hamburger buns (However many you may need. This recipe would probably make about 16 sandwiches so we’ll account for that many) $1.60

3 tablespoons worcestersauce $0.03

2 tablespoons mustard $pennies

1 tablespoon garlic salt $pennies

1/2 tablespoon liquid smoke ?? Not sure about this one. I bought this SO long ago $0.25?

1 tablespoon oil $pennies 


Heat oil in a pan over high. Once hot, add in the onion, bell pepper and ground beef. Cook until meat is cooked and drain grease from meat. Add in remaining ingredients. Cook over med-hi for about 15 minutes. Spoon on top of buns and enjoy.

At a whopping total of $11.46, this meal that could feed 8 adults costs less then it would for 1 to eat out! Here’s proof that its kid approved too.

My Booboo


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Friday Night Dinner

 Chicken kabobs, asparagus, and veggiesYummy. This is a picture of our dinner from last night. Chicken kabobs with veggies, lemon asparagus and rice (not pictured). Here’s a breakdown of the cost;

For the kabobs:Chicken Kabobs

4 Boneless skinless chicken breasts, about 1½lbs – $1.65 I’m sure your wondering where I get my boneless skinless breasts this cheap. I’ll post about that later.

1 pineapple – $2.98

1 red onion – $0.99

2 bell peppers – $3.00

1 pint cherry tomatoes – $1.99

½ package bacon – $1.50

½ bottle sauce for basting, I used teriyaki baste and glaze – I bought this forever ago so I’m just estimating the price $1.50


The Asparagus:Asparagus

1lb Asparagus – $2.99

1 lemon – $0.10

1 Tablespoon olive oil – $0.05


The Rice:Rice

2 cups Basmati rice – $1.00

3½ cups water

2 Tablespoons grape seed oil – $0.10

1 tablespoon salt – $ not even a penny

Total – $18.30. That’s not exactly the price I was hoping to see but let me just tell you that this could have feed an army. Hubby and I stuffed ourselves and my Little Booboo ate it up too. There is probably enough left for two more meals too.

To assemble everything, cut up all the kabob ingredients into roughly equal size pieces and skewer them. Anything that can’t fit onto the skewers, place in some foil and wrap tight. Start the rice. Cut the ends off the asparagus and lemon in half. Squeeze lemon onto asparagus, drizzle on olive oil and season with a dash of salt and pepper. Toss together on a piece of foil and wrap tightly. Throw all items onto the BBQ, periodically baste kabobs with sauce and cook until done, about 20 minutes. By the time your done BBQing your rice should be done. Plate up everything and enjoy!


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Make pickles of course! I love pickles. In fact I can’t eat a burger with out a crispy juicy pickle to go along with it. I don’t like the shelf stable pickles that you can pick up for .99 a jar, I like to cold packed $4.30 a bottle pickles. The price is so steep though. I mean, come on, $4.30 for a jar of cucumbers and vinegar? To top it all off when your done eating the pickles you usually have the jar and a ton of juice left. So I thought, why not just add more cucumbers to the leftover juice? So off to the store I went. I grabbed another jar of pickles, because I was all out and we’re having burgers tonight, and I bought 3 pickling cucumbers for $1.35, Supplies

 sliced them into 6 spears each and stuffed them into the juice.Sliced cucumbers I did end up with 3 extra spears that would not fit into the juice. Next time I’ll only buy 2 cucumbers. I’m not sure how long to let them sit in the juice. I’m figuring a few days at least. The total cost of making your own $.90 vs. cost of buying them $4.30. That’s a 79% savings.Pickles

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