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Not a bad shopping trip considering I only spent $70.82 total. Also I forgot to include a picture of the 2 packages of bacon I bought. Had I not used coupons and bought items that were on sale I would have spent at least $94.29. I have to say at least do to the fact that Walmart does not tally up at the end of the receipt to show you how much you saved. I am really starting to dislike Walmart. I never seem to save as much there as I do when I shop at the regular grocery stores. Our brand new Winco is opening up Monday!!! I’m so thrilled. Can’t wait to see if it’s really a great as I heard.
The reason I only spent half of what I normally do is because do to some recent events, we have made some budget cuts. The grocery budget is one of the easiest expense to cut and so it was one of the first to be cut. So my new budget for this month is $75.00 a week, total. That includes all food, HBA, and diapers. I think it is still pretty comfortable, so I’ll be shooting for $60.00 but this way I have a little extra just in case.

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