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2nd Pregnancy 0-15 Weeks

I decided to keep a journal of this pregnancy. I only remember bits and parts of my first pregnancy and figured that it would be good to keep track weekly here. I’ll also post pictures of tummy every week.

This is my second pregnancy and so far I would have to say that it’s pretty similar to my first pregnancy.  Same amount of weight loss in the first trimester, yes that’s right I said weight loss, I’m down 12 pounds from when I got pregnant.  I do think that this time around though that I was much more nauseated then with my son but I’m not positive. I remember feeling sick but not that sick, but then again who wants to remember feeling like that. My allergies are bothering my horribly where as with my other pregnancy I didn’t have any at all. Cravings are a little different too. With my son all I wanted was fast food, which I do still want with this baby too, but I love fruits and vegetables!  This is a good craving to have considering the doctor told me to only gain about 20 pounds. I’m still carrying around a little extra weight from my first pregnancy but I’ve lost 12 pounds so does that mean that I can now gain 32 pounds? I hope I don’t anyway I’m trying to keep it at 20lbs. I also feel more tired this time around but I’m pretty sure that has to do with the fact that I am running around after my son. It’s much harder to rest and relax when you have a 1 ½ year old at home.  In a few weeks we get to find out what this baby is gonna be. We’re both hoping for a boy again. I think that another boy would be a great playmate for my son seeing that they will only be 2 years apart. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s a girl though and that makes me hope it’s a boy even more so that I can prove them wrong.

Lastly, I was such a weirdo when I was pregnant with my son that I was afraid that anything would hurt my baby. I didn’t drink any caffeine, didn’t take any Tylenol and was about a cautious as you could get. With this baby I’m not afraid that if I drink coke or coffee, take some Tylenol or anything else (obviously only things proven safe during pregnancy) that it will harm my baby. I guess maybe it’s just because it’s the second pregnancy. I feel a little more like I know what I’m doing.


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